Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mogs Christmas Message

This is my address for the local primary school nativity service....I hope you like it.. please feel free to borrow it if you can use the ideas...

I immediately fell in love with Mog when she recently appeared on our screens this Christmas...   What I like about her story,  is that out of this terrible disaster something really wonderful happens.  In the bible it says that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.  So even when we mess up and everything goes wrong, and we think we cant put everything together again, God will bring something good out of our mistakes.  Mog messed up big time, the Christmas dinner was ruined, the presents were destroyed, the tree disintegrated and the house was nearly burnt down.  It looked like it was going to be the worst Christmas ever, and yet it wasn’t – it was the best Christmas ever.  Because what happened was that all the neighbours, who loved Mog’s family, came to help.  They acted out of love for this family as they cleaned the house, fixed the broken furniture, shared their Christmas dinners, brought presents and decorated Christmas trees for Mog’s family. 
The result was that out of this disaster not only did Mog’s family have a wonderful Christmas , maybe better than the one they had planned, but all their neighbours who helped had a great Christmas too.  Why ?  because they acted out of love and when we act out of love wonderful things can happen for everyone.

So I don’t think the message from this advert is just about shopping at a certain supermarket this Christmas.  I think there is much more to this story, I think it’s about being kind and its about loving our neighbours.  Jesus asked us to love our neighbours, and Christians believe that when we act out of love and when we help other people we get closer to Jesus.  This makes us happy because the closer we get to him the more we want to be like him, and the more we want to be like him the more we want to act out of love and help other people.  For me there is nothing better than being kind to other people.  It makes me really happy when I have helped someone. Try it - it works and the good news is that everyone can act out of love, we can all do little acts of kindness and they make such a big difference to other people and to us. 

Perhaps you would like to join me in my kindness campaign this year.  All you have to do is look for opportunities to do little acts of kindness, picking something up for someone on the street who has dropped something, paying someone a compliment, helping with a little job at home. I promise that every time you are kind to someone else it will make you feel really happy.  Just think if everyone here today joined my kindness campaign together we could all really make a difference in the place where you live or work.

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